Information from the 1966-69 Argos -
Pennings' High School Yearbook

As I was looking for some statistics about Athletics and Musicals for this website, Jerry Malcore ('69) was kind enough to go through his yearbook archive and report back on some statistics he found.  I am including them here because they are interesting, and I didn't use them all on the other pages.  Then I asked him if they had the Fighting Squire logo on their helmets.  He sent me the picture below to show that they did not.  Instead they were silver.  But what I noticed was that Premontre beat us 74-0 that year!  What the heck?!  Evidently we lost six all conference players after the 1966 season and really struggled in 1967 and 1968.

Here's what Jerry sent me:

1966 Argos (1965-66 school year)

Play:  Twelve Angry Men

Junior Prom:  “In The Misty Moonlight”

Football:  5-4 record

Basketball:  8-12 record

1967 Argos

Play:  Rescue My Castle   -  Terry Anne Meeuwsen was in play and later became Miss America.

Junior Prom:  "Almost Paradise"

Football:  4-4 record

Basketball:  14-11 record, Regional Champ, 4th at State

1968 Argos

Play:  I Guess This Means Goodbye  -  Terry Meeuwsen appeared again.

Junior Prom:  “A Summer Place”

Football:  no record available but we did not win “one” game

Basketball:  19-6 record, Regional Champ, 3rd at State

Golf:  Conference Champs with Pat McWey medalist

1969 Argos

Play:  Almost Summer

Junior Prom:  Scarborough Fair

Football:  0-6-3

Basketball 17-5 record



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