Abbot Pennings High School Artifacts

The idea of this page is to include any artifacts from Abbot Pennings High School that could be digitized and put online.  If you have anything that would fit the bill, please send me a message at elf(at)  Here's what I have so far.  The items below are sized for web viewing.  If you'd like to see higher resolution, send me an e-mail as well.  The APHS Gear page has clothing artifacts as well.

I do have a couple of more items I'd like to have on this page that I do not believe we will find.  Let me describe them for you.

  1. An MP3 of the Pennings Choir singing "Do You Hear What I Hear" at the Christmas concert.  It wouldn't really matter what year it was, because it always sounded good.  That is one of my favorite Christmas Carols, and Mr. Richter could coax a lot of sound out of those teenage voices. - Thanks Val!
  2. A picture of the trophy case.  The trophy case was across from the office on the main floor, and it was packed.  I'm sure Notre Dame Academy has all of them stashed away somewhere, but I'd like to have a picture of their rightful display in the Pennings main hallway.  Unfortunately I'm probably the most likely person during my era to have snapped that photo, and I can't find it.


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