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In the fall of 2014, I set out to make a replica Squires mini-helmet and posted the idea to facebook.  As it turns out, Paul Junio - class of '83 - had already done so and had a contact for making one, so he got a quote and ended up ordering about 50 for interested Pennings alumni.  The artwork for Paul's and the prototype I had made were a little different, so I set out to find some old pictures to see how the Squire helmet evolved over the years.  Here's what I know.

(Incidentally, the origins of the logo are still a bit of a mystery.  Jerry Malcore, class of 1969, tells me it may have been designed by his classmate, Tom Beaupre, but I have not yet been able to confirm that.)


Here's Paul's helmet artwork.  The Squire is really big and takes up a good chunk of the side of the helmet.


Eric's prototype uses the same Squire graphic, but it much smaller, perhaps a little larger than a Packers G.



1966 - no Squire at all.  This picture is from a late 1960s yearbook and Jerry
Malcore tells me they were solid silver.


By 1972 (State Champions!!) the Squire is on the side of the helmet.
It does look quite a bit bigger than a Packer G.  Notice there are no stripes
down the middle.



1979 vs Springs - It looks like the stripe has been added now.  1" green
stripe in the middle with 1/2" white stripes on either side.


In this picture from 1984, as Chuck Kessler '85 destroys a Premontre pass
play, we get a good look at the Squire again.  This was the one that told me
Paul was on the right track for our '80s era.  That Squire is huge!

For our Premontre friends, we get a good comparison of the 1984 Cadet
helmet with the '72 as well.  The '72 seems to be a simple one, perhaps a
'C' very similar to the Packer 'G'?  But the 1984 has a fleur de lis with the
word 'Cadets' in front.  Theirs evolved as well.


The last one I have is from the 1990 auction as the school was closing.  My Dad picked up 2 game worn helmets and Mr. Minten threw in a sheet of graphics. 
I assume these were the ones used during the final 1989 season.  It looks to me like the Squire has gotten a bit smaller, but not as small as my prototype.
  I also see that the word 'Squires' has been added vertically down the center stripe.  I don't think either of us included that, but Paul's has custom graphics on
the front and back pads (where this one says 'Riddell'.  It says 'Squires' on the front and 'APHS' on the back. 

When the replicas are complete, I will add photos of them to this page as well.



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November 20, 2014