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For a small school, we had a fair amount of success on the fields/courts.  When I was there, we were in the Fox Valley Christian Conference (FVCC) in the Wisconsin Independent Schools Athletic Association (WISAA.)  Here's a list of some of our accomplishments.  I'm going to need some help to add items from different eras.  Please get out those yearbooks and send me any other titles you can verify!

Abbot Pennings High School Athletic Titles


1990 WISAA Basketball State Champions!

Commemorative Pin                     
  1988 WISAA Soccer State Champions!    
  1986 Tennis FVCC Champions    
  1985 Football FVCC Champions    
  1985 Tennis FVCC Champions    
  1984 Soccer FVCC Champions - Runners-up State    
  1984 Golf FVCC Champions    
  1984 Tennis FVCC Champions    
  1983 Tennis FVCC Champions    
  1982 Football FVCC Champions The Killer B's  
  1979 Football FVCC Champions Story and Video from the 1979 Springs Game  
  1979 Tennis FVCC Champions, 2nd at State    
  1978 Tennis FVCC Champions    
  1977 Football FVCC Champions (tie)    
  1977 Soccer FVCC Champions, 2nd at State    
  1977 Golf FVCC Champions    
  1977 Tennis FVCC Champions    
  1976 Golf FVCC Champions (tie)    
  1975 Golf FVCC Champions    
  1972 Football FVCC Champions Photos of the 1972 Champion Team  
  1971 WISAA Football State Champions!  
  1968 Basketball Regional Champions, 3rd at State    
  1968 Golf Conference Champions    
  1967 Basketball Regional Champions, 4th at State    


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