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Abbot Pennings High School Athletic Uniforms


The Abbot Pennings High School color palette was primarily green and white with some black accents thrown in for good measure.  Occasionally we would throw some yellow trim on for good measure, but I thought that made us look too much like St. Norbert or the Packers.  The green/white/black palette looked good and was quite distinctive.  In the mid-eighties, we wore yellow pants for football, which always puzzled me.  I was told that an alumnus donated a teams worth of yellow pants, and football pants are not cheap, so why not?  For the other ones, perhaps we used the same uniform company as SNC and got a discount on their palette.  Here's a sampling of uniforms that alumni have in their collections.

Football Soccer Basketball Track Baseball
Helmets - 1967 to 1989
1970s to 1990 Helmet
1987 Varsity Home
1987 Varsity Home and Away
Late 1980s Practice
Early 1980s? Home
1970s Home
1970s Away
1970s and Early 1980s Practice
1980s Varsity 1980s Home
Varsity Away
JV? Full Uniform
Warmup Suit
(1990s Alumi Tourney)
1980s Early
1980s Late
1980s Jersey
Full Uniform
     Shirt 1
     Shirt 2

Please feel free to clarify my identification of various uniforms.  Question marks mean I took a guess, but if I leave the year blank I have no idea.  Always happy to have a correction or to add other uniform images from your collection (elf(at)


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