2010 Squire T-Shirt

In honor of my 1985 class' 25th anniversary, I had some Squire T-Shirts made for the occasion.  I wasn't really selling them, but the 85's were kind enough to toss me a couple bucks to cover my cost of their shirts.

Jake has one to go with his 1982 and 1985 FVCC Champion Squire shirts.  He's modeling it below so you can see what it looks like.  It's Gilden's 'Heavy Cotton' material and is a light gray with green print. 

If you want to design one for your class reunion or other event, let me know.  The guy who did mine has a good Squire logo, or you can just pluck one off of this site.  Making a short run for a class reunion should be considered fair use of the Squire logo.



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