Don Richter's Abbot Pennings High School Gear

I am not exactly sure of Don Richter's official title, but he was the Musical Genius of Abbot Pennings.  According to the 1982 yearbook he taught Chorus, directed the Swing Choir, taught Music Appreciation and Produced the Musical.  He was a well loved and respected teacher, and besides touching a lot of lives, he collected a lot of Pennings memorabilia over the years.  After Mr. Richter's death in May of 2009, his wife and daughter were kind enough to photograph some of his Pennings Gear and send it on for inclusion on this website.  It is hard to date these pieces, but they are most likely from the 1980s.

In addition to all these pictures of APHS gear, his daughter Val was able to provide me with a recording of "Do You Hear What I Hear?" performed by the Pennings Chorus and alumni during the Christmas Concert of 1986.  There is also a CD available of other Christmas music performed by Don Richter.

The Don Richter Abbot Pennings Fashion Collection





Thanks Mr. Richter (and Fran and Val.)


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