Vintage Abbot Pennings High School Hoodie

The Abbot Pennings Squires 'Hoodie' is really the top half of Abbot Pennings High School sweat suit consisting of a hooded sweatshirt top and sweatpants.  This was a versatile outfit that could be used for any sport's practice, as a cover up during games in inclement weather or for a personal workout.  The logo was the same on the shirt and the pants, but much smaller on the pants and located up near the waistband on the left front.  The idea was that you'd write your name on the white band.  I did that on my gym shirt, but liked it better without.

I have two examples to show here.  The first is my vintage, and well-used, specimen, purchased in 1981 when I was a freshman.  It's too small for me now, but I would use it for working out all through college.  The second example is a replica, created by my brother, Jon, who gave them to us as Christmas presents in 2007.  I have heard that several classes have created reproductions of these type of shirts to give away at class reunions.  I think that's a grand idea (and fair use as long as you're not selling them,) which is why I've included close-ups of as many logos as I can find.

1981 Vintage

2007 Reproduction



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