Vintage Abbot Pennings High School Gear

The sixth graders (class of 2011) at Richmond School in Waukesha county are aware of Abbot Pennings High School.  At some level, they have seen that Pennings won the 1982 and 1985 FVCC Conference Championship in football, and they know what the Squire logo looks like.  How?  Because my son, Jake, has my old t-shirts commemorating those titles and wears them to school on a regular basis.

As any high school does, Abbot Pennings had T-shirts, sweats and various other clothing items and other gear made up with the Squire logo or to commemorate sports achievements.  This page will serve to document some of these designs that were used over the years with scans or photos.  I'm going to start it off with my stuff, but I'm hoping other alumni will send me photos or scans of their matter how beat up it is after 20 or 50 years!

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I really would like pictures of team uniforms, a letter jacket with the 'P' and all the medals and any other commemorative shirts, hats, etc from any era.  If you can get a photo, please send it to elf(at)


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