Abbot Pennings High School's student newspaper was called The Lance.  It is where many of us got our first experience in writing something that someone other than a teacher was going to read.  The Pennings faculty gave us considerable freedom in articles, cartoons, inside jokes and other content into our student paper.  It's pretty neat to see that the banner, typeface and general look of The Lance did not change much at all from 1969 through 1990.

Here are a few samples from The Lance over the years.  Most are relatively small jpg files, but the final edition is a full blown, high quality pdf scan because I had a full copy and since it was the final edition, it has a lot of historical information about the school.

September 30, 1968

November 5, 1968

December 19, 1968

April 2, 1969 page 4, April 2, 1969 page 8

May 1969 - I'm guessing this was a collage prepared for the final 1969 edition.

November 23, 1983

April 6, 1984

May 1984 - The class of 1984's final edition entitled 'A Touch of Crass'.  A very Onion-like front page.

June 1, 1990 - Final Edition - At 15mb, it will take a LONG time to download.


Thanks to Chris Elfner ('90), Rick Smits ('84) and Jerry Malcore ('69) for these contributions from their archives.  If anyone has others they would like to contribute, please send them to me at the address below.  If you don't have a large format scanner, most of these were captured with digital cameras.  Just hold them real still (tripod perhaps.)


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