Abbot Pennings JV Football 1971 and
the Varsity 1972 FVCC Champions

Leon999, a random guy from the class of 1974, sent me some photos from the 1972 FVCC Championship season, along with a few earlier ones of his JV and/or Freshman teams.  He credited his Dad with taking the photos using a Leica.  They are great shots presented here with his (in quotes) and my comments.


"Frosh or JV Football Fall 1970(?) or 1971(?) against who knows. I think that's Tim Wiltgen at QB."


"Another angle, same game. Must be JV Football Fall 1971 since nobody showed up for Freshman football. That's Mark Moran (aka "Chi Chi" or "Cheech") getting wide open, as usual."


"Fall of 1972. That's the money tandem of Paul Gigot (#13) and Phil Arant (#86) in the huddle against Fox Valley Lutheran. We stunk that day."


"Fall of 1972 beating Premental at Minahan. Looks like Ken Martin (#31) who's holding. Again. That's probably Mr. Richter with the camera in the foreground."


"Fall of 1972 beating Premontre at Minahan. That's got to be Dave Minten the sideline.  I think that's Marty Biebel (#25) as the tail of the tandem."


"Fall of 1972 beating Premontre at Minahan."


Here's the championship photo from 1972, probably from the Green Bay Press Gazette (and a color corrected version, I think I like the faded better.)  Leon says, "A lot of good players (and some world-class partiers) in that group.  The only thing missing from the team photo is Bruno." 

At my question he explained, "Bruno was Rev. Bruno Frigo.... You should do a tribute page to Bruno, as well as Father Feldman, Father DeGroot (greatest calculus teacher on earth who's now saving the world down at St. Willy's I think).. Father Claridge (a.k.a. "Google") a Norbertine who worked on the Manhattan Project... and so on... Pere Meehan knows them all..."  (Unfortunately, I don't know those guys, but I'd include a tribute if someone wants to write one.)


Thanks for sending these on, whoever you are.  I'm happy to see the classes of '73 and '74's championship season represented here.  It's also cool to see one of our more distinguished alumni, Paul Gigot (of the WSJ and Fox News), in his playing days.  I'm always interested to see that in the classes ahead of me, I don't know too many of the guys, but I recognize the surnames from their younger brothers that I knew.  Pennings really was a family tradition.  Finally, these varsity uniforms are much better than the ones we had.  They keep to the proper green, black and white color scheme.  None of those Packer-themed yellow pants we had (I'm told someone got a deal in the late 70s on yellow pants.)


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