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I received an e-mail this week (4/19/2010) from John Mettner ('81).  He purchased the old Swan Club building in East DePere and, on April 1, opened a restaurant called Chicago Street Pub and Grill.  John is adding some Pennings artifacts and photos to the decor and asked me for some help.  I told him I had plenty of photos, and decided to dig into my yearbook negatives to see what I could find.  Football pictures seem like a good start for such a display.  Our uniforms were pretty consistent across eras, so except for the names on the back, our team looked pretty much the same from the late 1970s until the school closed in 1990.  I found a few to send to John, and I'm looking forward to checking out his restaurant.  I scanned all the fall of 1984 football photos I had though, so in the meantime, check these out.


We begin at Premontre on a sunny fall day.  In spite of this display of offensive power and Tim Rice flying around with a 'Thrash Cadets' banner, I recall this game as a decisive loss.  I like this photo of the trenches though.  From a caption in the yearbook, I believe that Jeff Piette is #72 manning the left tackle.


Defensive power too.  A gang of Squires converge on the Cadet running back.  64 is Scott Lindsley.  Let me know if you recognize anybody else.  Greg Baeten is the guy delivering the hit.  That's the Premontre bench in the background, but I think I see some Pennings shirts in the stands.  A better APHS crowd shot of that game is on this page, about halfway down.


This is one that I am sending to John.  He may not want to display it if he expects Premontre alumni as customers.  That is Harley (Chuck Kessler) #84 breaking up a pass.


When I saw this photo on the contact sheet, I wondered why I had taken a picture of a Premontre player.  When I blew it up, it became clear from the name on the jersey.  Tim was a good athlete at Pennings, but transferred to Premontre for his senior year.  The Cadets were such the enemy back in the day (to be expected I suppose with 2 boys' schools and 1 girls'.)  But as we all get older and our experiences get broader, having a private school in Green Bay in our backgrounds is a shared experience between Squires and Cadets.  It's always good to bump into a former rival these days.


Now we're back at Minahan for the homecoming game against Manitowoc Roncalli (The Jets.)  Here's a good one for the restaurant.  Looks like it could be any game in the 80s with the quarterback back to pass and the tackle in protection.  I think that's Jeff again, not sure about the quarterback.  Joel Chopin maybe?  Anyone?


I think we did better this game.  Chuck and someone celebrating a touchdown.


Another interesting thought when I saw this negative.  I could read the number 44 and immediately thought, 'That's Greg Baeten.'  When I blew it up, I could read the name and sure enough, that's him.  I don't know why I'd remember that.  Then, two days after that, I got a friend request from Greg on facebook.  Cool, I can send him this page.


The Squires plot their next move as the Jets look on.


I remember taking this picture because the play was coming directly at me.  Unfortunately I hurried the shot to get out of the way and jerked the camera.  Blurry.  Dang!


Andy Peterson on gets a breather on the Squire sideline.  I like the Squires warm-up on the guy behind him.


The Homecoming parade.  Tom Mattson drives some of the court (looks like Molly Cross, Tim Garland and Megan Conlon to me) around in his K-car convertable.


The floats come by.  Violent themes:  'Squires Cream Jets', 'Trash the Jets', 'Boil the Jets' and 'Nuke the Jets' complete with a mushroom cloud.  No idea which class was which.


One more carload of the court.  Jim Campbell on the right.  Nice old Mercury Cougar too.


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