2011 Abbot Pennings High School
All Class Reunion Golf Outing

Even though the school was closed over 20 years ago, www.abbotpennings.com is not without some contemporary content.  Every year, the first Saturday of August, the Abbot Pennings High School All Class Reunion golf outing is held.  At the 15th annual event in 2011, over 200 Squires showed up at Ledgeview Golf Course in De Pere.  Here is the flyer for the 2011 event and here are some pictures from that great day.  Thanks to Pat Peeters '78 for all his efforts to set this up and to all the volunteers who made it run smoothly.  As he signs off on all the e-mails about this event, "Once a Squire, Always a Squire!"

The day starts out with a group photo.  I was way in the back and it we didn't feel lined up at all, but Chris Dorsch had it set up perfectly!  For a high res version so you can pick out your buddies, click here.  (Photo by Chris Dorsch)


As we lined up by our carts, Pere Gery Meehan, our Principal at APHS, shared a prayer and some words of wisdom (and humor) with the golfers.
(Photo by Chris Dorsch)


What is this?  A horse is coming up the first fairway!  (Photo by Joe Bray)


Oh, Cool!  A Squire showed up to see us off too!  (Photo by Chris Dorsch)


Here's some guys from the class of '80, and one from a different class I think.  (Photo by Chris Dorsch)


The class of '82 (left to right) Mark Gokey, Tim Nies, Peter Reinhart (front), John Steckart, Dave Gnewuch (front) and Sam Seidl.  (Photo by Chris Dorsch)


Team Elfner and the Abbot:  Jon '88, Eliot '59, Eric '85, Chris '90.  Wait a minute, did APHS graduate a class of '59?  St. Norbert High School?  No matter, he's been at St. Norbert and supported APHS for a lot of years!  Great to have him along!  (Photo by Phil Danen)


Mark your calendars for August 4, 2012 and the first Saturday in August in years beyond.  What a great way to keep the spirit of Abbot Pennings High School alive!



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