Photos from Abbot Pennings High School

Send me some photos to add to this page!  Scan your yearbook, find some old negatives and send me some .jpg's.  For now, I only have a page that I scanned from my 1985 Argos collection.  I scanned my favorite photos that we used or didn't use and put them up with comments on my website.  They got passed around a lot and I received some positive feedback, which got me thinking that Pennings needed a website.

1972 - Varsity Football - FVCC Champs.

1984 - Varsity Football - From the 1985 Argos negative files.  The '85 seniors playing in the fall of 1984.

1984 - Blurry Photo of Pennings Hallway - Trophy case and steps to the auditorium on the right, office out of frame to the left.  I found this shot at the end of a roll of negatives.  Just a throw-away shot to end the roll.  It looked so blurry on the negative that I didn't think I'd be able to identify it.  When I scanned it and viewed it full size, it was instantly familiar.  Just an ordinary day at APHS.

1984-85 - From the Argos Negative File


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