About the Abbot Pennings High School Website

The idea behind this website is to leave a marker on the web about our little high school that no longer exists.  My hope is that folks who remember Pennings fondly will do a google search to see what is out there and find this site.  I welcome contributions from anyone who would like to share photos or other artifacts that recall our experience at Pennings.

I presume that the 'Abbot Pennings High School' name, the logos, the crest and t-shirt and other designs remain the property of the Norbertine Order and/or Notre Dame Academy.  I consider their use on this website to be 'fair use' of logos and names that are no longer used by the school or the Order.  The copyrights on photographs used on this website remain the property of the original photographer.

The website design, the abbotpennings.com domain and the hosting is currently handled by Eric Elfner.  Please contact me at the address below if you have any questions or concerns, but most of all if you have any content you'd like to share.


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Eric Elfner (APHS 85) in his brother Jon's (APHS 88) #64 jersey from the 1987 season.  We had high school homecoming themed fun lunch at work and I borrowed the 64.


Contact Eric Elfner at elf(at)abbotpennings.com with additions, corrections or comments on this site.