For the Abbot Pennings High School Community

The idea behind this website is to leave a marker on the web about our little high school that no longer exists.  My hope is that folks who remember Pennings fondly will do a google search to see what is out there and find this site.  I welcome contributions from anyone who would like to share photos or other artifacts that recall our experience at Pennings.

This effort is dedicated to all of the faculty who spent some time in their careers teaching the young men of Abbot Pennings.  Teaching a room full of teenage males has got to be a challenge, and most of the teachers I had did a nice job and enjoyed the energy of such an environment.

I especially want to thank Fr. Gery Meehan, O. Praem., who came to Pennings as a young Norbertine and became our long-time principal.  Known as 'Pere' (Father in French) to his students, Gery took a personal interest in each of his charges and helped to nurture all of us through the sometimes difficult high school years.  Father Meehan is currently active in the Norbertine and Green Bay communities and has overseen countless marriages, baptisms and other events for his students' adult lives.


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